Westview Youth Cheer Rules


  1. Practice: if you are unable to attend you must notify your coach prior to the start of practice. Cheerleaders may not practice until a contract signed by a parent or legal guardian and a medical waiver form fully completed and signed by parent or legal guardian and physician, if needed, are completed.

    1. There is to be no gum chewing at practice.

    2. Designated Cheer shoes must be worn.

  2. Excused Absences consist of: illness and family emergencies are all considered excused absences from games or a practice. Additional absences must be cleared by coach or coach coordinator.

    1. Excused absences can pose a problem for team productivity and are therefore limited to 4 per season. The coach will review each situation individually for possible exceptions.

  3. Unexcused Absences consist of: not showing up to practice without calling prior to a scheduled practice and tardiness to practice if they become habitual.

    1. Being tardy 2 times in one week will be considered one unexcused absence.

    2. Unexcused absences may result in disciplinary action. See Section I, Disciplinary Action below. All absences are limited to 4 per season.

  4. Absence on Friday before a game: If you were absent from school the Friday before a game you may not participate in the Saturday game, unless your absence was pre-arranged with your coach.

  5. Vacation Rules: Cheerleaders may take one week of vacation during the pre-season which is considered Cheer Camp through the first week in September or up until the first game of the season.

    1. One week of vacation is considered the number of practices in their team's schedule. For example, if their team has practice 2 times per week, a week of vacation is considered 2 practices for the cheerleader.

  6. Personal Appearance

    1. Hair:

      1. Bangs must not come below the eyebrow at games or practice.

      2. Practice: shoulder length hair should be pulled away from the face in a ponytail.

      3. Games: hair style will be determined by the Coach, all girls will wear their hair in the same style.

      4. Hair needs to be secured with rubber bands. Hair clips are allowed to hold hair back but need to be discrete. Hair ribbons are part of the uniform and only the team hair ribbons are to be worn. No colored hair paint allowed.

    2. Fingernails:

      1. Nail polish is not allowed at games.

      2. Nails must not extend over the end of fingers for safety reasons at games or practices.

    3. Jewelry:

      1. Earrings and jewelry are not allowed at practice or games. Only religious or medical medals may be worn and they must be taped to the body under the uniform. Do not pierce ears prior to the season unless there is sufficient time to heal, earrings must be removed for practice and games even if newly pierces; this is for safety reasons. If earrings are not removed the cheerleader will not be allowed to stunt.

      2. Jewelry of any kind, including watches, pins, bracelets or visible piercing is not allowed when cheering at practice or games.

    4. Make-up:

      1. When in uniform participants should wear only light lipstick and natural color of blush. Mascara, eye shadow and eyeliner needs to be worn at a minimum.

    5. Uniform:

      1. Uniforms and shoes are to be clean at all times. Uniforms are to be washed on delicate cycle and never put in the dryer.

      2. Uniforms are to be worn only at games and on spirit day if your school allows. This includes vest, shirt, briefs, bows, shoes and warm-ups.

      3. No pins, ribbons or buttons are to be worn on the uniform when cheering.

      4. All team clothing with Westview Youth Cheer is to be worn by the cheerleaders only; they are not to be loaned out to friends.

      5. Cheerleaders must wear full uniform at all games, unless permission was granted by the Board prior to the event.

      6. Uniforms shall all match and consist of:

        1. Shell (vest)

        2. Skirt

        3. Jacket

        4. Sweatshirt

        5. Leggings

        6. Shorts/Spankies

        7. Hair ribbon or bow

        8. Shoes

        9. Pom Poms

        10. Other (as determined by coach)

  7. Stunting

It is not permitted to practice any form of stunting or pyramid building without the Cheer Coach and 2-3 adult supporters at any time. Remember safety first. No practicing on any concrete or asphalt surface.

This is a youth cheerleading program and does not require try-outs to join. Due to this we have limitations to stunting as follows:

  1. Kindergarten to 2nd grade: No higher than thigh stand without Coach Coordinator permission

  2. 3rd - 6th grade: Can do thigh stand, shoulder sit and Prep. No higher than Prep without Coach Coordinator approval.

  3. 7th - 8th grade: Can do Prep, Extensions & cradles. All other stunts will need Coach Coordinator approval.

  1. General Team Rules

    1. Cheerleader are to maintain sportsmanship at all times. Cheers are to be positive in nature.

    2. Respect should be shown to all Westview Youth Cheer volunteers at all times. This includes Westview Youth Cheer and Football Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Board Members and Parent Volunteers.

    3. If progress reports or report cards produce poor results, the coach and parents of the cheerleader will discuss if probation or removal from the team is necessary.

    4. Conditioning and good nutritional habits are necessary for your success as a cheerleader. Conditioning will be part of daily practice including running and calisthenics.

    5. Any discussion with the coach regarding personal business should be conducted outside of practice time. Please schedule a time to meet or discuss with the coach before or after practice or call the coach at home.

    6. Objectionable cheers may be banned during the season.

    7. There will be no cheering while there is an injury on the field.

    8. Cheerleaders may not approach the goal posts or go on the field at any time during the game.

    9. Banners are allowed before game or at the halftime for Homecoming game as long as litter is picked up and cheerleaders do not loiter on the field.

    10. Cheerleaders may not chew gum during games.

    11. Spray bottles and water bottles are allowed on the track area. No eating allowed while cheering except during half time break or with Coaches permission.

    12. Chants are allowed when directed toward field. They will be considered a cheer if directed at stands.

    13. At half time, visitor team does hello cheer first; followed by home team. Cheerleaders are to walk on the 50 yard line to the opposing side.

    14. Recommendation: Each team is encouraged to exchange a gift with the opposing cheer team at half time. Gifts to be decided by the individual teams. Gift suggestions include small bag of candy, lollipop with ribbon, etc.

    15. There will be no profane language or gestures or acts of unsportsmanlike conduct from the cheerleaders or from any member of the cheerleading staff.