Posted Jul 7, 2014

Welcome to Westview Youth Cheer!

We are excited about our upcoming season!

Here are some quick frequently asked questions/answers that you may want to know. 

This information is beneficial for current registrants and also has basic information for those who may be interested in the future. 

Please feel free to reach out to us at with questions to anything you do not see listed on our website.

When does the season actually start? The season officially starts August, 2018 with team practices.  WYC Camp TBA.

Practice will start in early August and will then be held on Mondays and Wednesdays through October. If your football team goes to playoffs, the season may be a little longer!

When and where are practices held? Mondays and Wednesdays at Five Oaks Middle School, actual times will be designated by your coach.

When are games? Every Saturday starting after Labor Day. Times will vary according to the THPRD schedule of the football team.

What is expected of each cheerleader? This is a great question! Each participant is expected to be at cheer camp where new material such as dances, cheers, chants and other routines will be taught. Each cheerleader is responsible for upholding the WYC code of conduct and is required to be responsible with all equipment and uniforms that is issued to her/him.

Who will be my coach?  We are always looking to expand our coaching staff and welcome all those who are interested to contact us!  After registration concludes we will assign participants and coaches.  Once that occurs and coaches are provided team contact information, they will most likely reach out to your family.  You should expect communication from your coach by the end of July.

When will I receive my uniform?  Fitting Night will be in early June (date and location to be announced) and uniform pieces are provided right around camp time - early August.

Will there be travel involved? All practices will be at Five Oaks Middle School. Games do require some traveling. We try to keep them at a minimum for the most part but know for sure there will be away games.

(Locations to games: )

What are the costs associated with joining? This year, we will be utilizing many of the same uniform pieces as last year.  We will have confirmation on prices and the exact pieces that will be changed on Parent Night (April 19th).  Approximate cost will be $400 for 3rd to 5th grade and $250 for Kindergarten-2nd grade.

When are payments due?  Registration fee is due upon registration.  The remaining balance will be owed at Fitting Night (First week June) after you have a chance to offset participation costs through fundraising!

Will there be any type of fundraising opportunities to help offset costs? ABSOLUTELY! Fundraising packets will be handed out at Parent Information Night April 19th. We are also participating in a mailing fundraiser where cheerleaders can send a letter to friends and family asking them to sponsor them this year. These are all great ways to help offset costs that will be owed at Fitting Night in June.

Can my child be on the same team as a friend? Normally, all 8th graders participate on one team and all 7th graders participate on one team.  5th and 6th grade is combined, 3rd and 4th grade is combined and K/1/2 are a combined team.  (Additional teams may be created based on registration numbers.)